Who We Are

Practical Habitat Limited is a housing solution company established with the specific aim to change the way construction services are provided: ranging from pre-construction consulting, design advice, construction management, residential construction, affordable mass housing deployment and building maintenance.

Through extensive research we have developed various housing types with multiple floor plans that cut across the low to medium income group, providing them with very functional homes that grow in value. Using various efficient and cost saving techniques, we continue to perfect the building process for these homes thereby allowing us to deploy them cheaper and faster.

We do this with a firm understanding that each homeowner is unique and our flexible floor plans allow them to reflect their style. Hence, we are on a mission to set industry standards on affordable mass housing construction. There is no doubt that our core competence will deliver true value and obtain the highest level of client satisfaction.

With a team of well-seasoned architects, engineers, builders, project managers, foremen and artisans we have what it takes to quickly assess a project and determine its viability and consequent development. We have successfully embarked and finished numerous projects and we encourage you to visit our website for a list of them and also schedule a visit to some of our finished and on-going projects.


Our Vision is to become the number one quality affordable mass housing construction company in Sub Saharan Africa.


Our Mission is “Moving from Housing Construction to Housing Production”.


Where are we doing this? Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa.


What makes us different?

- It's in how well we do it, how fast we get it done and how affordable we make it
- Our alternative building technique
- Our efficient practical designs
- Our steady stream of skilled labour
- Our tested and proven supply chain
- Our energy efficient and low maintenance buildings
- Our seasoned Project Managers
- Our eco-friendly buildings
- Our active Research and Development Unit



Our Core Values
What We Do
Our Focus

At Practical Habitat, we are committed to giving the best. There is a huge housing gap in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa. We understand the need and we are perfecting 'Affordable Mass Housing Delivery'. The many challenges facing timely and affordable mass housing delivery in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa are:

Obsolete Building Techniques
Dearth of Skilled Labour
Lack of Tools & Equipments
Inadequate Building Material Supply Chain
Inefficient Management
Funding Mismatch
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