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At Practical Habitat we hire for attitude and train for skills.

PHL's culture is based on the shared values and commitment of the men and women who are building the company's future, on developing new technologies and on discovering creative and innovative solutions. In PHL, strong teams are built on personal relationships and genuine caring for one another. These teams are maintained through a transparent work environment, a positive attitude and a shared drive for success.

PHL seeks excellence in all areas of the company's business and is committed to continuously improving the value of services given to customers. One way the company works to achieve this goal is through the long-term education and training of employees.

It is the policy of PHL that there should be no discrimination in considering applications for employment, including those from physically challenged persons. All employees are given equal opportunities to develop their experience and knowledge, and to qualify for promotion in furtherance of their careers.

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Our desire is to grow PHL organically without rushing into any project before we feel we are a 110% ready for it. In keeping with our vision of bringing top quality living within everyone's reach, we carefully debate and analyze every project to make sure it fits into our vision as a company.


We have established our presence around the country and we are currently rolling out projects in Ijora Olopa, Ogudu, Lekki all in Lagos state and environs. We are also planning a project in Mowe Ogun State.

1. Architect
2. Executive Assistant
3. Quality Controller
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